Vanessa Bokanowski - Psychologist in Brussels

Parental guidance

The dynamic between parents and child is an evolving system. Being is also linked to the way we were brought up as children. as children. We tend to reproduce what we know. This can also lead to problems between the two parents, as they disagree on the type of upbringing they wish to provide. to provide. All this can be reflected in the child's symptoms, such as anxiety, depression, agitation, eating disorders, behavioral problems behavioral problems, etc.

That's why I'm firmly convinced that parental guidance is the quickest and most effective approach to eliminating the child's symptoms. This includes sessions with the parents and sessions with the child. with the child.

By working with parents, we can understand family behaviour patterns and behavioral patterns and educational models that may be contributing to the child's symptoms. Sessions with parents are designed to support them in their parenting role, reinforce their understanding of the child's their understanding of the child's needs, and help them to implement positive strategies. At the same time, sessions with the child provide a safe space in which to to express emotions, concerns and difficulties.