Vanessa Bokanowski - Psychologist in Brussels

Vanessa Bokanowski

Psychologist in Brussels

"There can be no deep, lasting change if you ignore your unconscious. unconscious. I fundamentally believe in any therapeutic method that starts starts from the origin of the symptoms and treats them thoroughly. Otherwise, they insidiously continue to invade all areas of your life. of your life.

Every symptom carries a story, and this story is partly unconscious. Visit symptoms are formed when external reality becomes too difficult, as a means of protection, but paradoxically they also become a source of suffering.
As Gabor Maté says: "The attempt to escape pain is what creates even more pain".

Regardless of their form (depression, anxietyaddictions, disorders food, burnoutrelationship problems, etc.), the symptoms will only give way if we return to their origin.

That's where psychotherapy comes in. the job of making sense us from the repetition to which they lead us. condemn. "

Psychotherapist in Uccles - Brussels

I am clinical psychologist and psychoanalytic psychotherapist, located in Uccle - Brussels.

My approach is resolutely modern and takes into account scientific advances new psychological theories and patient needs. needs. It's more interactive and shorter in duration than more than those offered by more traditional approaches.
I work with all kinds of requests, ranging from personal work to to more serious problems.

In addition to my university training in psychotherapyI continued my training in
modern psychoanalytic psychotherapy, as well as in psychology
transgenerational, narcissistic pathologies, and in particular
in trauma.

The latest advances in mental health put the body at the center of the debate. debate. It is considered to bear the traces of our past suffering, imprisoned in the form of muscular tension. As a result, I have also also trained in Connected Conscious Breathing, a method that enables which allows access to altered states of consciousness and a genuine letting go.
This is why a holistic approach, freeing both the psychological and physical and physical burdens. Rediscovering the true meaning of life, recognizing emotional needs needs, being in tune with oneself, and reconnecting with one's body, are essential elements of the therapeutic process I propose.
"Trauma is not what happens to us, but what we hold inside in the absence of an empathetic witness."
Peter Levine