Vanessa Bokanowski - Psychologist in Brussels

Breathwork, a breathing method for treating stress. Specialist in Brussels

Breathwork Therapeutic

Therapeutic breathing involves a breathing technique
conscious, intentional and profound. Its aim is to help individuals
to access and explore their inner experiences, to release blockages
reduce stress and promote relaxation.

It is considered a powerful tool for self-discovery, self-awareness
release emotional blockages, the overcome anxiety and
healing from trauma, access to creativity and
personal growth.

Why is therapeutic breathing so powerful?

During a therapeutic breathing session, a person lies down and practices a specific a specific breathing technique that promotes a deeper state of consciousness. This intensified breathing, accompanied by music music and bodywork, helps individuals access altered states of states of consciousness. These states can be characterized by vivid images emotional releases, physical sensations and, for some, spiritual experiences. spiritual experiences.

Trauma can be caused by a variety of experiences, but is generally generally characterized by overwhelming or disturbing events that that overwhelm the individual's ability to cope effectively. effectively.

When a person experiences trauma, their nervous system can become overwhelmed overwhelmed, leading to physiological, psychological and emotional emotional responses.

Memories and emotions associated with the traumatic event can be stored in the brain and body, often resulting in symptoms. symptoms.

Breathing therapy sessions enable individuals to activate their nervous system in a safe, controlled way, removing blockages related to difficult events or emotions that have been stored internally. This process is usually followed by a deep state of relaxation and well-being.

All my breathing therapy sessions include preparatory therapeutic work to prepare the mind and body for the experience. experience. Integration sessions are also scheduled afterwards to process all that has emerged and help individuals make sense of the the whole experience.

Breath therapy is a powerful method for accessing the unconscious the unconscious and facilitate rapid, profound and lasting change.

"Self-regulation depends on a friendly relationship with your body. Without this, we have to rely on external regulators, such as medication drugs, substances such as alcohol, constant reassurance or compulsive submission to the wishes of others."
Bessel Van Der Kolk