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Depression can occur at any time in life. It often appears for no reason, and plunges the sufferer into a world of disquieting strangeness. 

Anxiety and Stress

OCD, Stress, Anxiety attacks, ...
In this article, I talk about the different forms stress can take and the very deleterious impact it can have on our health, both psychologically and physically.

Burn Out

Burnout is a complex syndrome, still relatively unknown and often confused with depression. It can indeed resemble depression in the sense that it is also a collapse.


"Traumatic symptoms are not caused by the event itself. They arise when the organism, overwhelmed, retains an internal tension. This tension remains trapped in the nervous system, where it can wreak havoc on our bodies and minds". Peter Levine

Couple problems

Eating Disorders

Hyperphagia, bulimia, anorexia, ...


Narcissism is a complex concept, which I will try to summarize in this article. If you suffer from narcissistic disorders or find yourself in the grip of a narcissistic personality, I urge you to consult a clinical psychologist.

Perinatal and postpartum disorders

Miscarriage, Loss of a child / Bereavement

Psychological assessments / IQ tests

I offer a comprehensive psychological assessment for children, using internationally recognized tests such as WIPSSI (ages 3 to 7) and WISC-V (ages 7 to 16).

Parental guidance

The dynamic between parent and child is an evolving system. Being a parent is also linked to the way we were raised as children. We tend to reproduce what we know.

Attention deficit disorder - ADHD / Hypersensitivity

Breathwork Therapeutic

Therapeutic breathing involves a conscious, intentional and deep breathing technique. Its aim is to help individuals access and explore their inner experiences, release emotional blockages, reduce stress and promote relaxation.